Are you following a diet plan available on websites and Health apps?

According to the recent data, India ranks no 1 in diabetes. So with the rise in different disease conditions there is increase in health related awareness among people. People have started undertaking weight loss program, strict dieting method to avoid these disease conditions. Today with the advance in technology we are blessed with several websites and health applications giving us set diet plan for not only weight loss but also diabetes, PCOD or PCOS. And we tend to follow that because it is easily available and involves zero cost investment. But the fact is that since every individual is different from each other because our lifestyles are altogether different. So how can a set diet plan for weight loss or PCOD or Diabetes be applicable to all of us? No Right. Following such kind of practise is doing no good to anyone. Something which is set or standardised is generalised which means that these set diet plans are all general dietary guidelines which is applicable to everyone. So what is a Diet plan? Ideally a diet plan is individualised or personalised depending upon his or her lifestyle and nutritional requirement. If you find this video useful then stop following such set diet plans? And consult a qualified or registered nutritionist for your personalised meal plan.

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