4 Green Small Business Ideas You Can Start with Little Money

4 Green Small Business Ideas You Can Start with Little Money. Having a green business a great way to set yourself apart from your competition, but it also makes you more memorable in the minds of your potential customers. Green economy is only going to grow, especially as energy and gas prices rise further.
The 4 Green Small business ideas are:
1. Make Organic Soap
Making soap isn’t as hard as a lot of people think. The cool thing about homemade soap is that you can make it really unique. You can sell your homemade soaps at farmers’ markets, crafts fairs, and online through marketplaces like Etsy and eBay.
2. Create Organic Gardens for Small Spaces
You could sell “garden packs” prepared for beginners, especially those who want to get into container gardening. If you have a green thumb and love planting, this would be a fun and rewarding side business to get into.
3. Get into Worm Farming
You could start a side business selling your compost, and your worms, to gardeners and fisherman. Compost, especially organic compost, is really expensive to buy in home improvement stores. You could also hold classes and teach others how to get into vermicomposting.
4. Become a Green Consultant
Green consultants do a thorough evaluation of a home or business and then put together a strategy to help people find ways to go green and save money. You will consult people on green energy technologies. Check out some schools where you can get training or you can learn on your own.
So there are the 4 Green Small business ideas.
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