20 Massive Mistakes Small Business Owner Makes

Introducing! why small business owner fails? 20 small business mistakes that small business owner makes. 10 small business tips for entrepreneurs – https://youtu.be/raKk3f_6t2g

From few weeks i am researching about why 80 to 90% small business fails in few weeks or months. Is there any analysis or anything wrong that everyone is repeating when they start new small business? Then, yes. Here, i have collected 20 massive mistakes small business owners makes when they start new small business. So, let me explain that all mistakes in this video description. Also, you can watch full video to understand that mistakes in animating form.

20 Massive Mistakes Small Business Owner Makes.

1. If you are expecting too much in short time or just want to earn lots of profits within few weeks and months then, you are making first mistake in your small business.

2. If you don’t love your business or someone is forcing you to do that business or service then, that is your second mistake.

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3. Are proper planned ! do you have good business plan? I generally recommend all entrepreneurs to hire professional business planner to plan your small business in effectively way. So, not having a good business plan is your third major mistake.

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4. Do you have any strategy or plan for implementing your efforts to grow your business. If you get any trouble in your business then, what should you do! are you prepared with troubles or stress! do you have any plan for it! if no then, it’s count as your mistake.

5. Starting new business required lot of attention in present market. If you established any new business without learning market research at business location then, you are fired from your new business.


6. Having proper amount of money is very important. But, before money, you have to calculate, how much money you should need to establish your new business? Do you have ! if no then, it is your mistake.

7. Are you wasting your money without learning any marketing and advertising tricks and skills! then, you are just throwing your money into dustbin.

8. Are you empty or have nothing but you are thinking about i have something to go forward without doing hard and smart efforts! if yes then, you are fool man.

9. Are you smart! or don’t love to trace your results! If you are not cared about your results then, you are doing major mistake. Because, tracing your business results makes you think about you are growing or going to loss!

10. Don’t know what plans to set.
11. Assuming the product/service will sell itself. Without proper work no one will buy your product.
12. Don’t know the target audience?
13. Don’t know the competition?
14. Hiring wrong person to do marketing for your new business! You are going to do this big mistake that fails you and your business.

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15. Underestimating the value and potential of existing clients is the big mistake that small business owners makes. Because, they attracted to find out new clients to make more profit.

16. Not offering giveaways and novelty items to your clients and employees
17. You selected wrong niche for your new business.
18. not participating in community.
19. Don’t have own an informative, responsive and representative website to connect with more users and clients.
20. Do not appreciate the value of the online internet media and power of internet.

Do you’ve any question about small business start up or how to grow small business in 2016? If you have any doubt then, share your questions, thoughts and confusion about small business.

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