Cooking is for everyone! Even exquisite and delicious desserts are easy to make even for kids! Don’t you believe me? Watch our awesome tutorials and see yourself.

If you want something special for breakfast, you can cook frozen Nutella pancakes. This unusual dish will blow you away! Another cool breakfast idea is a blueberry pie with chocolate chips. The coolest thing about this recipe is that you can switch blueberry to any other berry and still it will work out amazingly good. If you’re up to something refreshing, check out our pineapple pancakes.

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Syringes are a lot of help in cooking. Using a syringe, you can cut sausages (surprising, huh?), put icing on cakes, stuff bananas with Nutella and what not!

If you want to keep your ice cream nice and soft, store it in a zip-lock bag.

If you like chocolate, you should see our chocolate decor ideas. Even the simplest cupcakes will become delicious masterpieces if decorated with those airy chocolate butterflies! Another cool idea is making a ball of chocolate with a help of a balloon. Mint leaves are also a lot of help while making chocolate cake decor. Wanna know why? Watch our video up to the end and you’ll find out!

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00:59 – Banana hack
02:03 – Ice cream cubes
02:53 – Serving ice cream for a party
05:20 – Nutella pancakes
09:15 – Chocolate ball


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